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Crescent City California
Tsunami History- March 11, 2011

Looks like the Tsunami was a little weak here in Gold Beach. The webcam showed the water go out but not much of a surge. The Inn of the Beachcomber is located about 30 to 50 feet above the beach (according to my Garmin 705 GPS) so we are pretty safe. Stay off the beach today. See the live feed here

The buoy at Port Orford shows the swell picking up. If you are not an experience waterman this was not a day to be at the beach.

For the only live HD Surf Cam on the Southern Oregon Coast click on the weather link. It will take you to our live beach camera located at the Inn of the Beachcomber, Gold Beach Oregon.

Looks like some boats got damaged during the Japan earthquake tsunami. Once you see how the town is laid out it's not a huge surprise. The whole town is built around the jetty and harbor. The town got hit really hard during the Alaska earthquake in the 60s. The powers to be seem to be thinking all the huge problems are over. Being a surfer I would caution people about going to the beach. We are having a swell hit the south coast so the waves are on the way up. See the live feed here you can see the Port Orford Bouy and see the swell data as well.

This page about Crescent City California is for the guests of the Inn of the Beachcomber and those of you that found it in cyber space. We are planning to offer more information about the Crescent City area as we have time but thought we would at least offer this as a start. The Beachcomber is a 47 unit inn located on the beach in Gold Beach Oregon. We are 53 miles from the Redwood National Parks headquarters in Crescent City, California and all that the coastal redwoods have to offer. Check out our website and live HD web cam to see our spectacular beach.

What does Frommer’s say about the Gold Beach Area?
“The 60-mile stretch of coast between Port Orford and the California state line is perhaps the most beautiful stretch of the entire Oregon coast, yet because of its distance from major metropolitan areas, it attracts surprisingly few visitors.” So those of us that are familiar with the Oregon Coast recommend that you live a little on the wild side and head on up to Gold Beach and the Inn of the Beachcomber and experience “Oregon’s Undiscovered Coast” first hand!

Crescent City California
Crescent City does not have a lot to offer outside of the Redwood National Park Headquarters. There are I think only 2 ocean front motels, the Hampton Inn and the Crescent Beach Motel. The Hampton is expensive and the Crescent Beach Motel is a more affordable. The have an old style tourist attraction that lets you touch a small shark called Ocean World. My friends took their kids and said it was a little cheesy. With that being said the kids had a great time. Tripadvisor listed Howland Hill roads the number one attraction. This is a dirt road through the redwoods by Jedediah State Redwoods Park.

Another short hike is the Battery Point Light House trial. It takes you to the 150 year old lighthouse and has a guided tour. Unlike the other famous lighthouse that's 9 miles out to sea (St. George Lighthouse), Battery Point is accessible by foot. Their reasonably priced tour is about one hour long and includes sought after views on top of the lighthouse. You will learn just a ton of info about the history of Crescent City.

If you are looking for information on the redwoods go to our Redwood National Park Site: for information on the State and National Redwoods Parks. As far as lodging, our recommendation is to drive north to Gold Beach and stay at the Inn of the Beachcomber. As Frommer’s says the drive to and from Gold Beach is spectacular so it’s best to do it in the daytime.

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